The racing kit is a logical extension of the iconic open roadster K-1 Attack and requirements for purely racing use.

This extremely light and powerful „adult go-kart“ provides professional racing experiences for „cafe racers“ as well as for serious competitors.


The base of the racing version is a closed safety frame. Windshield section is wider compared to the road version, you can use conventional racing seats with head protection. The crew area is protected by a safety structure according to the requirements for circuit racing. As an option, the front part of the frame can be made with aluminum crash box, which deforms in a controlled manner and absorbs energy.

See K-1 racing frame for transverse installation Honda K20 engine + Honda gearbox. Click on the pictures to get full size.


Sufficient engine area provides great variability in longitudinal and transverse mounting of engine. This makes possible to use factory gearbox with classic „H“ system, sequential gearbox „Dog box“ type, or universal sequential gearboxes „Quaife“ type.

Samples of alternative powertrains that have been successfully completed and used in the K-1 racing kit:

  • V8 2,8 Powertec + Quaife sequential gearbox
  • V6 3,0 Jaguar Biturbo
  • R6 3,0 BMW Biturbo
  • 2,0 FORD + Quaife sequential gearbox


The front and rear axle are adjustable in all directions, including a fully adjustable suspension that has been specially designed for K-1 race circuit use.

Tubular arms are mounted in unibal bearings. If needed, there is possible to combine the unibal mounts with polyurethane bushings to obtain the desired driving characteristics.

Custom made hight performance parts can be combined with common Donor parts (such as Hubs, Spindles and other available automotive parts) to provide quality, availability and easy service and repair.

Height-adjustable shock absorbers works with external oil tanks and allows detailed settings bound and rebound intensity.


Body panels are lightweight with regard to their location and function. Special production technology of lightweight parts is based on fiberglass. Optionally, carbon or kevlar fiber can be also used. Closed bodykit and aerodynamic elements are important factor that allows to car go fast through the technical passages.

Non-shattering safety polycarbonate is used for side windows.

Interior of the car consists of important panels, such as dashboard and adjoining main panels. Depending on the customer's needs, interior panels can be expanded as used in the road version.


The racing version cannot be purchased as a complete kit. Customer configures the kit specification according to the needs of the project. Kit is available in 3 engines versions (Honda K20, Honda K20C1, Toyota 3S-GTE) and mainly in universal form.

Price starting at 14,900 USD.

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