Precisely designed bodykit contains complete exterior and interior parts containing even the smallest details. There are no aluminum paneling riveted and bonded to the frame as with other kit car manufacturers. In K-1 is all solved by using visual fiberglass panels.

Bodykit consists of 51 parts. All these parts are included in the basic chassis.

What is included in K-1 Bodykit
(complete exterior and interior panels)

  • Front Hood
  • Headlight Back Cover – Left
  • Headlight Back Cover – Right
  • Rear Clip - One Integrated Piece
  • Head Spandrel Inner Panel – Right
  • Head Spandrel Inner Panel – Left
  • "behind the spandrel" Bump Panel – Right
  • "behind the spandrel" Bump Panel – Left
  • Front Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Right
  • Front Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Left
  • Rear Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Right
  • Rear Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Left
  • Fuel Neck / Windshield Mounting Panel
  • Rear View Mirror Unit – Right
  • Rear View Mirror Unit – Left
  • Door Panel - Main Body – Right
  • Door Panel - Main Body – Left
  • Inner Door Handle Panel – Right
  • Inner Door Handle Panel – Left
  • Front "Lip" Valance
  • Windshield Frame – Exterior
  • Windshield Frame - Interior – Right
  • Windshield Frame - Interior – Left
  • Rear Hood
  • Rear Hood Stand/Water Drain
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear Valance/Exhaust Cover Panel
  • Front Low-Beam Headlight Mounts
  • Front Hi-Beam Headlight Mount - Right
  • Front Hi-Beam Headlight Mount – Left
  • Rear Light Mount.Tubes /Brake/ small
  • Rear Light Mount.Tubes /Flasher/ big
  • Front Firewall - Left Side
  • Front Firewall - Right Side
  • Driver´s Side Right Leg Panel
  • Driver´s Leg Rest Left Panel
  • Passenger Leg Room Box
  • Dash Board-Main Body with Middle Tunel
  • Middle Console Cover Panel
  • Instrument Cluster Panel
  • 3-Gauge Middle Panel
  • Top Glove Box Piece
  • Bottom Glove Box Piece
  • Front Area Flat Floor
  • Middle Area Flat Floor
  • Rear Area Curved Floor
  • Driver/Passenger Seat


With regard to simple and fast construction of individual components of the kit, complete exterior consists of 4 main units. After installing a large base (one-piece made "Rear Clip" body), you can add doors, front hood and window section. Everything else is just small parts (such as rear wing, engine cover, front and rear wheel arches, light covers, etc). No panels alignment troubles, no time consuming rifts adjusting anymore! Easy & fast installation!


The most detailed parts are dedicated to interior panels. The dominant part is the dashboard, which carries the other parts that surround the driver and passenger panels. The instrument panel with gauges is always prepared for specific donor car gauges (specific powertrain).

The interior includes original sports seats. Each seat contains 9 pieces of special cushions, which are ready for covering by leatherette, leather, alcantara, etc. according to the wishes and tastes of the builder.

Optional parts   (step 4 in K-1 order form)

Original optional K-1 parts are designed for the demanding user who prefer a modern sports car image. Classic parts from the donor car (or K-1 kit) are replaced by custom-made parts. Thanks to them your car get a lucrative look and surpasses others with a sense of detail.