The custom made tubular space chassis of K-1 Attack was sophisticately designd and lately modified with extra attention to torsional rigidity and safety. It would take about 5500 lbs of force in torsion to make the chassis deflect 1 inch! Common full race chassis with roof reinforcement will handle about 5000 lbs of force to deflect the chassis by the same value.

It was born from international co-operation of Slovak, Czech, Hungarian brand name engineers and supported by German competition teams and formula racers.

The original project was designed for donor Honda Accord 2.2l (frame on the photos, click to get full size).

Currently, we bring you 7 versions of the frame, where you can fitt modern atmospheric engines, turbo engine, electric drive, or work with basic form of a frame - ready for your own project.

Company B-racing Ltd. enables individual adjustment of the frame including racing use.

Frame weight: 132 kg (290 lbs)
Torsional strength
of the frame:
920 kg/cm (5500 lbs / inch)