K-1 Attack is a street legal car in most countries around the world. Build it yourself! Kit was designed for simple instalation – no cutting, no welding required. Build the kit with a basic home mechanics' tool set in your garage!

Maybe it is surprising, but Attack is not only meant for free time and fun. Lot of trunk space, leather uphostery, adjustable seats and pedals, power steering, power brakes, power mirrors, multimedia system, air-conditioning system and much more gives you excellent opportunity to use the Attack as daily driven automobile.

Jim Youngs
(Editor-in-chief of American Kit Car magazine)
wrote about Attack:

"You don't drive it, you wear it like a T-shirt and don't care if it's clean or sweaty, simply fits you."

The kit can be supplied in two levels:

Stage 1: Complete kit Order

Contains all the parts you need for construction. It is intended for customers who want to have all parts together in one box.

What is included in complete kit

What is included in complete kit

Complete kit includes:


  • Main Tubular Steel Space-frame Chassis (with integrated roll hoop, side-impact protection, crumple zones front and rear)
  • Front Axle Upper "Push-Rod" A-arm - Left
  • Front Axle Upper "Push-Rod" A-arm - Right
  • Front Axle Lower Control Arm – Left
  • Front Axle Lower Control Arm – Right
  • Front Spindles with Bearings – Left
  • Front Spindles with Bearings – Right
  • Front Axle Bushings
  • Ball Joints to Front Upper A-arm
  • Ball Joints to Front Lower Control Arm
  • Ball Joints Steering /Front/- Right
  • Ball Joints Steering /Front/ - Left
  • Mc.Pherson Spindle Adapters
  • Threaded Connection Rods Rear
  • Threaded Connection Rods Front
  • Front Bonnet Hinge – Left
  • Front Bonnet Hinge - Right
  • Door Frame Hinge - Left
  • Door Frame Hinge - Right
  • Rear Control Bar
  • Under Rear A-arms Washers
  • Sport Shock Absorbers - Street version (height-adjustable suspension) – Front
  • Sport Shock Absorbers - Street version (height-adjustable suspension) – Rear
  • Rear Wheel Spacers

Bodykit panels - 51 pieces (complete exterior and interior panels)

  • Front Hood
  • Headlight Back Cover – Left
  • Headlight Back Cover – Right
  • Rear Clip - One Integrated Piece
  • Head Spandrel Inner Panel – Right
  • Head Spandrel Inner Panel – Left
  • "behind the spandrel" Bump Panel – Right
  • "behind the spandrel" Bump Panel – Left
  • Front Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Right
  • Front Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Left
  • Rear Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Right
  • Rear Wheel Mudguard Spandrel – Left
  • Fuel Neck / Windshield Mounting Panel
  • Rear View Mirror Unit – Right
  • Rear View Mirror Unit – Left
  • Door Panel - Main Body – Right
  • Door Panel - Main Body – Left
  • Inner Door Handle Panel – Right
  • Inner Door Handle Panel – Left
  • Front "Lip" Valance
  • Windshield Frame – Exterior
  • Windshield Frame - Interior – Right
  • Windshield Frame - Interior – Left
  • Rear Hood
  • Rear Hood Stand/Water Drain
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear Valance/Exhaust Cover Panel
  • Front Low-Beam Headlight Mounts
  • Front Hi-Beam Headlight Mount - Right
  • Front Hi-Beam Headlight Mount - Left
  • Rear Light Mount.Tubes /Brake/ small
  • Rear Light Mount.Tubes /Flasher/ big
  • Front Firewall - Left Side
  • Front Firewall - Right Side
  • Driver´s Side Right Leg Panel
  • Driver´s Leg Rest Left Panel
  • Passenger Leg Room Box
  • Dash Board-Main Body with Middle Tunel
  • Middle Console Cover Panel
  • Instrument Cluster Panel
  • 3-Gauge Middle Panel
  • Top Glove Box Piece
  • Bottom Glove Box Piece
  • Front Area Flat Floor
  • Middle Area Flat Floor
  • Rear Area Curved Floor
  • Driver/Passenger Seat

Exterior Accessories

  • Stickers: 1xWindshield, 1xFront&Rear, 2xSeat "K-1" Resin Emblems
  • Mirror Glass
  • Mirror Ball Joints
  • Mirror Aluminium Stands Left and Right

Interior Accessories

  • PUR Seat Pads
  • PUR Door Arm Rest – Right
  • PUR Door Arm Rest – Left
  • Southco Rubber T-Hood Fasteners
  • Southco Glow Box Lock

Installation Hardware

  • Fuel Tank – Aluminium
  • Fuel Line Set
  • Shifting Adapter Members
  • Shifting Push/Pull Cable Adapt.
  • Adapters
  • Rear Hood Dzus Fasteners
  • Clutch Pushrod Adapter
  • Exhaust tailpipe
  • Nuts, Washers, Bolts, Seizes...

Vehicle Lighting

  • Front Low-Beam Headlight Mounts
  • Front Hi-Beam Headlight Mount - Right
  • Front Hi-Beam Headlight Mount - Left
  • Headlights Low Beam
  • Headlights High Beam
  • Front Side Markers
  • Rear Light Mounts - Small
  • Rear Light Mounts - Big
  • Rear Lights - Side Markers
  • Rear Lights - Brakes


  • Battery + - Terminals
  • Battery Extension Wires
  • Electrical Junction w/Screws


  • Aluminium Cooling Tubes
  • "T" Cooling Steel Joint
  • Rubber Cooling Tubes
  • Threaded Clamps for Cooling
  • Water Canister /Reservoir/
  • Water Canister Cover Valve
  • Water Radiator Mount - Upper - Right
  • Water Radiator Mount - Upper - Left
  • Water Radiator Mount - Lower

Brake System

  • Front Brake Rotors
  • Front Brake Calipers
  • Front Brake Pads
  • Rear Brake Calipers Adapter
  • Rear Brake Calipers with cable handbrake
  • Rear Brake Calipers Pads
  • Brake Lines

Door Hardware

  • Inner Door Handle-Frames
  • Inner Door Handles
  • Handle Pull/Push Cables
  • Door Lock Mechanism – Right
  • Door Lock Mechanism – Left
  • Door Steel Latchs
  • Door Hinge - Right
  • Door Hinge - Left
  • Exterior Door Handle – Right
  • Exterior Door Handle - Left
  • Door Struts
  • Door Strut Ball Joint Fastener

Weather Strips

  • Door Wheather Strips - Long
  • Door Wheather Strips - Short
  • Front Hood Wheather Strip
  • Windshield Wheather Strip - Upper


  • Certificate of Originality
  • DVD with video and photo instructions for assembly

Note: The content corresponds to the Kit No. 1, based on Honda Accord 4/5G. For other kits, the content is similar with regard to the technical solution.

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Stage 2: Basic kit Order

You can configure your kit components in our order form. It is intended for customers who prefer to purchase only specific parts of the kit.

K-1 Donor cars

To build a K-1 Attack car, you will need parts from your donor car. We call them "moving parts" such as engine, gearbox, drive axle parts or wiring. These parts are not included in our kit.

Based on the donor drive unit, we offer 7 different K-1 kit versions. Each kit is ready to direct acceptance parts from donor car.

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We can deliver K-1 kit anywhere in the world

Parts are packed in logical units, each package is carefully wrapped and marked with a number and description for quick unpacking.

K-1 kits were delivered:

  • Australia
  • England
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada
  • China
  • Slovakia
  • USA

Build and support

The manual includes written text with photos in English language and instructional videos. The manual consists of 4 parts:

  • Unpacking the kit from transport box
  • Donor parts – Original location and preparation
  • K-1 Rolling chassis
  • K-1 Bodywork

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