K-1 Attack kit car

is an original project of a Slovak firm called K-1 Styling & Tuning, headed by Dick Kvetňanský and a designer Juraj Mitro.

First steps of the development K-1 Attack.


  • 2000 the introduction of the prototype
  • 2001 the start of the sale of kit
          all over the world
  • 2006 the suspension of the sale of kit.
          K-1 Engineering produces K-1 Attack
               Roadster 3.0 V6 which was made
                    as a complete sport car in limited
                         edition 35 pieces
  • 2009 the end of the sale of K-1 Attack
          Roadster 3.0 V6
  • 2011 B-racing starts returning original kit
          back to the market
  • 2014 B-racing became an exklusive owner
          of design rights
  • 2016 B-racing introduced a new line
          of kits called „new generation“
  • 2019 B-racing starts selling K-1 kit
          in street and racing version

K-1 Attack body and its individual parts are protected by the U.S design
and Community design registered by EUIPO.